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Join us in transforming the future of construction, creating buildings that not only stand the test of time but also contribute to a healthier planet!

Welcome to our Living Tomorrow content hub for sustainability and circularity in construction, where innovation meets responsibility. Here, we explore cutting-edge solutions from Living Tomorrow partners that minimize environmental impact and promote resource efficiency, from CO2-neutral materials to smart building technologies. But we also explore different trends that will impact the construction sector, and insights from top experts within the field.


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More sustainable construction thanks to better product insight: discover the Internet of Facades

The entire façade of Living Tomorrow is equipped with sensors and the Schüco IoF (Internet of Facades), a smart tag on all façade elements so that a digital identity is generated via constant monitoring. This gives a better view on the maintenance cycle and product upgrades are thus efficiently planned and executed. This ensures long-term sustainable operation of the building and extends the life of the systems.

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Which innovations will make the construction sector more sustainable?

Discover the interview with Carolyn Beliën, architect and Frank Beliën, architect and founder of Living Tomorrow.

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Revolutionary Pilot Project by Vlinvesta Sets New Standard in Sustainable Energy

In a world where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand, Vlinvesta proudly presents a groundbreaking initiative that is transforming the way we think about energy usage and sharing.

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Making insulation boards as carbon-neutral as possible: an approach on several fronts

Insulating may be good for reducing your emissions, but the production of insulation boards themselves is not so good for the environment.

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Building a greener future, together

Where does sustainable construction start? What are the domains we can and should work on?

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Vandersanden launches Pirrouet®: the first CO2-negative facing brick

Brick manufacturer Vandersanden is launching the very first CO2-negative facing brick on the market under the name Pirrouet®. One tonne of Pirrouet® facing bricks absorbs up to 60 kg of CO2 during the curing process and throughout its lifespan. This breakthrough is due to a unique industrial application of carbonation technology.

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Carbon control by Schüco

Schüco Carbon Control makes the decarbonisation of building facades manageable. Using a modular building block principle, it enables building-specific carbon reduction at all stages of construction - from planning, construction and use to recycling.

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The road to a circular future: this is how Recticel is tackling it

Recticel Insulation is fully embracing sustainability and circularity. Not just hot air, Recticel suggests how to do it in six concrete steps. "If we really want to move towards a circular future, we need to ensure the actions we take are concrete."

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How does Vlinvesta look towards sustainability?

Dive into their sustainability report, in which they state their ambitions and accomplishments regarding sustainability.

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To help the construction industry grow we must take a step back

Building the home of the future also means looking into the future of the construction industry. Frederik Vaes (UAU Collectiv) and Bart Thijs, two architects behind our new ‘Living Tomorrow’ campus, see several important developments. “The soaring prices of energy and building materials and the importance of sustainability are forcing us to look beyond the latest gadgets and attractive design”, they say.

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Energy Efficiency Meets Innovation: The Promise of Net-Zero Energy Buildings

In the quest for a sustainable future, Net-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) stand out as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility. As climate change accelerates and the demand for energy continues to grow, the construction industry faces immense pressure to adopt greener practices. NZEBs offer a compelling solution by balancing energy consumption with energy production, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint.

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Recticel launches new range of bio-circular insulation solutions

Recticel introduces a new range of polyurethane insulation boards containing 25% bio-circular raw materials, calculated in accordance with the Mass Balance principle.

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HOLCIM organized an event in Obourg to discuss the implementation of its GO4ZERO project. The event also featured a virtual display of the project using augmented reality technology. GO4ZERO is one of the most innovative and ambitious decarbonization projects in the cement industry. GO4ZERO represents an industrial-scale implementation of Europe's Green Deal Industrial Plan.

The more flexible the function of a building, the longer the construction and materials can last and therefore the more sustainable it becomes.

Carolyn Beliën, architect

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Making the future more sustainable together

The global operating Schüco Group develops and markets system solutions made of aluminium, steel and PVC-U and offers window, door and curtain wall systems, as well as intelligent solutions for ventilation, security and shading, for the project and residential market.


Recticel Insulation is a reliable and experienced insulation partner that provides high-quality insulation solutions for both residential and non-residential buildings. Recticel Insulation aims to offer construction professionals and their customers the highest comfort through excellent service, efficient tools and unparalleled expertise.

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Vandersanden is the largest brick-producing family business in Europe offering a wide range
of facade and street solutions. We interact closely with industry partners to identify solutions that inspire and unite and that enhance and safeguard collective well-being.

Vlinvesta Website LT

Vlinvesta group actively helps build new businesses by investing in companies that want to grow sustainably, both economically and humanly. As an investment company, we come into contact with innovation and new techniques within our various activities.

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Holcim builds progress for people and the planet. As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, Holcim is enabling greener cities, smarter infrastructure and improving living standards. With sustainability at the core of its strategy, Holcim is becoming a net zero company.

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