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A window into a world of limitless possibilities: where we explore the frontiers of innovation and technology, embrace trends in sustainability and scrutinise exciting developments in tomorrow's world. We want to excite you with our insights and stories. Enjoy!

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A smart city is a safe city

Smart City & Industry

At a time when security in cities is facing increasingly complex challenges, Securitas, Orange and Robovision are joining forces for the "Smart city is a safe city" research project. This project contributes to a safer society thanks to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of 5G connectivity.

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Making insulation boards as carbon-neutral as possible: an approach on several fronts

Smart Buildings & Infrastructure

Insulating may be good for reducing your emissions, but the production of insulation boards themselves is not so good for the environment.

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5G-Seacurity: Innovative protection of offshore wind farms

Smart City & Industry

Securitas, Citymesh, Phoenix AI, Dotocean and FOD Mobiliteit join forces to present 5G-Seacurity, an innovative approach to securing offshore infrastructures. 


Bathroom trends for 2024

Smart Home & Out-of-home

Modern bathrooms on show

A modern walk-in shower, smart light control in the mirror cabinet or a toilet with gentle shower spray, feel-good moments are paramount in the modern bathroom. Soft colors, strong contrasts and lots of clever technology should not be missing. Designer Christoph Behling outlines the latest bathroom trends for 2024.

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Efficient energy management: now and in the future

Smart Buildings & Infrastructure

Increasing electrification, the phase-out of fossil fuels and the rise of renewable energy sources present us with huge challenges with an impact for everyone. The way we see and deal with energy is undergoing a profound change, not only for industrial sites and large consumers, but also for individual end-users.

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The road to a circular future: this is how Recticel is tackling it

Smart Buildings & Infrastructure

Fundamentally sustainable

Recticel Insulation is fully embracing sustainability and circularity. Not just hot air, Recticel suggests how to do it in six concrete steps. "If we really want to move towards a circular future, we need to ensure the actions we take are concrete."

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