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Your fast track from idea to impact.
Discover design thinking, business modelling and AI tools.

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Step into a world of innovation with our 2-day training.

Are you facing challenges with the innovation process or seeking more impactful outcomes? Wondering how to integrate powerful tools like the Business Model Canvas and the latest AI technologies into your strategy, and when exactly to deploy these AI solutions? This training is crafted for you, offering the insights and skills you need to elevate your innovation journey.

Detailed program - Day 1

Foundation, problem understanding & solution ideation

  • Innovation Essentials
    Explore the significance and role of innovation in business growth.
  • Effective Problem Framing
    Learn methodologies for comprehensive problem exploration and insight prioritisation.
  • Understanding Context & Customer Insights
    Emphasise the importance of customer understanding and contextual insights for effective problem-solving.
  • Creative Solution Crafting
    Engage in brainstorming techniques and learn how to select the best ideas. Hypothesis formulation for innovative solutions.

Day 2

Prototyping, experiments, business viability & pitching mastery

  • Prototyping the Solution
    Dive into MVP concepts, crafting initial prototypes for proposed solutions.
  • Running Effective Experiments
    Explore rapid experiment methodologies for hypothesis validation and solution testing.
  • Business Model & Value Creation
    Align business models, refine value propositions, and understand revenue generation strategies.
  • Emphasising Viability & Sustainability
    Highlight the importance of business viability and sustainability in solution development.
  • Pitch Development
    Hone presentation skills, practice effective communication, and Q&A strategies, culminating in a refined pitch session.

PXL University already took the leap earlier and got immersed in this innovation training, see below how that worked out for them:

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Why this training?

  • Applied learning with real-world cases
    Engage with real challenges contributed by participants. We delve into actual cases, ensuring that the techniques and tools learned are directly applicable to diverse business scenarios and industries.
  • Hands-On Learning
    Experience the innovation process firsthand. From ideation to validation, immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where theory meets practical application.
  • Master diverse techniques
    Explore a myriad of innovation techniques and tools. Learn to create MVPs, conduct interviews, and more besides Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Modeling, Jobs to Be Done—empowering you to choose and blend techniques for unparalleled results.
  • AI empowerment
    Discover the fusion of AI with innovation. AI tools will revolutionise the innovation landscape, discover those that will maximise your potential to create and implement groundbreaking ideas.
  • Validated Business Cases
    Learn how to de-risk your ideas into validated business cases. Translate raw concepts into robust, market-ready solutions.
  • Pitching Mastery
    Receive coaching on pitching innovative projects to stakeholders. Gain the confidence and skills to present your innovative ideas effectively.

Who should attend?

This training is interesting for a wide range of audiences, particularly those involved in creating, developing, and implementing new products, services, processes, or strategies. In essence, nearly anyone involved in making new things or solving complex problems can benefit from learning about Design Thinking and Lean Startup, as these methods promote user-centered thinking and rapid action based on real-world feedback.

But if we should name a few, we think this training is particularly interesting for:

  • Product Managers and Developers
  • Innovation Managers and R&D Personnel
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Marketing and Sales Professionals
  • Designers and Creative Professionals
  • IT and Technology Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Start-ups
  • Business Leaders and Managers
  • Non-profit Organisations and Social Entrepreneurs

Dates and location

Upcoming training dates from 9.30 am to 5 pm
June 19, 20 & 21, 2024 (ENG)
October 22 & 23, 2024 - early bird: August 1st (NL)
December 5 & 12, 2024 - early bird: October 1st (ENG) 

Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus, Indringingsweg 1, Vilvoorde

Practical information

• Pricing: 1550 euros, excl. vat
 Enjoy an early bird discount of 10%. Refer to the information provided above for details.

Do you have any questions or need more information? Get in touch and we will be happy to assist you!


Bring the team

Participation of teams spanning different functional areas from the same organisation is strongly encouraged. Training groups, pricing and other arrangements are available to companies sponsoring teams of four or more participants. Please contact us to learn more.

Behind the scenes

Meet the trainer

Dorien Piessens is at the heart of innovation as a Strategy & Innovation Consultant at TomorrowLab. Infused with enthusiasm and grounded in her experience as a startup founder with extensive knowledge in international management, she brings a dynamic energy to guiding Innovation Teams. From the inception of an idea to its ultimate realisation, Dorien's expertise is steeped in practical know-how, delivering insights and strategies that transform creative concepts into successful business outcomes.

  • "I like the training for several reasons: it introduced us to innovative concepts, pushed us beyond our comfort zones, facilitated invaluable networking, and allowed us to learn from the diverse experiences of others."

    William Hams, Q8 Regional Operations Manager at Q8 Aviation
  • "Pitching/presenting our business case ourselves at the end of the training made it real and concrete. Makes things clear."

    Michiel Stoffels,
    Advisor PXL University College

  • "The training was illuminating, presenting various new methodologies. It taught us to view problems as starting points, and later go to solutions. The interactive nature of the training, including real-world tests like landing page evaluations and interviews, was very valuable."

    Joyce Neuhard,
    Shop Performance Coordinator at Kuwait Petroleum North-West Europe
  • "Interesting discussions and fun to share experiments with each other: working together on a mural often leads to inspiration and we received an interactive approach with lots of interaction. The program offered opportunities to apply theory, present, and discuss ideas, all infused with humor. We also had ample time to refine our work."

    PXL Team

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