WORLD WATER DAY: Choices, solutions, and actions for a better tomorrow

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Hey there, water enthusiasts! Today is World Water Day, a day to celebrate water as a unifying force and a fundamental human right. This annual event serves as a much-needed reminder of the importance of freshwater, the global water crisis, and the need for sustainable development of water resources.

This year's theme, "Leveraging Water for Peace", as declared by the United Nations, urges us to recognise water as a fundamental right, essential to every facet of life. With more than 3 billion people worldwide dependent on water that transcends national borders, cooperation becomes a catalyst for creating prosperity, building resilience and uniting around the common cause of water for peace. It's an invitation for individuals, communities and nations to come together for a more stable and prosperous tomorrow.

World Water Day is about working together to balance everyone’s needs, to ensure that no one is left behind, and to make water a catalyst for a more peaceful world.

Take a moment to think about the last time you took a sip of clean water: a seemingly simple act, often just a few steps away in the kitchen. But behind that ordinary moment for you lies a difficult struggle for more than 2 billion people without access to clean water. Switch places and you'll find girls and women in Africa walking an average of 6 kilometres, carrying water containers weighing more than 20 kilos. Sounds exhausting, doesn't it?

As the world turns its attention to the importance of water on World Water Day, BWT (Best Water Technology), the European market leader in water treatment and co-initiator of Living Tomorrow, is taking the lead in championing the vital importance of clean water and sustainable water resource management. But it goes further, it is an ongoing commitment, where better water is a year-round affair.

Have you ever thought about the transformative power of technology and products that not only treat your water, but also act as guardians of our planet? Dream with us for a moment. Can you imagine a world where the choices you make every day can create a better tomorrow today?

BWT's vision to "Change the World, Sip by Sip" isn't just a slogan, with the AQUA PEARLS Foundation they are leading the way in making clean water accessible around the world. Since the first b.waterMISSION water well was built in 2019, nearly 84,000 people in Tanzania and The Gambia have gained access to clean drinking water, with a total of nearly 420,000,000 litres distributed.

But you may be thinking, what can I do to make a change?

We believe that change begins within ourselves, and no contribution is too small. People can achieve amazing things when they work together.

This World Water Day, BWT is launching the 6K RUN For You and Planet Blue to raise awareness of the struggles many people face in accessing clean drinking water and to raise funds to build water wells and change these lives forever!

Between the 13th and 26th of May, ChangeMakers around the world run this 6K for the people that do not have access to safe drinking water.

Imagine a community that is part of a pink movement, running together, each step reflecting the walk for clean water and turning every step into support. For every participant, BWT will donate 6 Euros to the b.waterMISSION so that more people have access to the elixir of life, within 150 metres of their homes.

Today, on World Water Day, together with BWT, we are not just sheding light on the challenges we face, we’re also illuminate a path forward with choices that make a positive impact on addressing global water issues. We invite you to embrace the essence of water not just for a day, not just for a year, but for a lifetime – where every drop matters!

Save the date and run for change!

Are you curious about what's really behind the best water? At the Living Tomorrow Innovation Campus you'll find an immersive water experience, a living testament to the future of water, inviting all to witness, feel, and live the possibilities.

Together, we are bridging the gap between today and tomorrow. It's about making sustainable choices in the present that echo into a future where water is not just a resource, but a holistic lifestyle, sip by sip.

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